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Stimulating Analytical Approach to Deliver High Academic kNowledge and Achievement (SAADHANA)

The gift of food isgreat indeed, but the gift of knowledge is paramount. Whilesatisfaction gained from food is only temporary, knowledge can bring alifetime of satisfaction.

.............Ancient Sanskrit Saying

The focus of Saadhana Scholastics is to reinforce existing knowledge base, impart new knowledge, and stretch the child’s potential in the process of learning and discovery.

Tutoring is both an art and a science that enriches the whole student – mind, motivation, and curiosity. A tutor can do what a teacher and parent cannot always find the time to do: they can be patient, taking the time to observe, question, support, challenge, applaud and help nurture the true and total intelligence of their tutees. 

A tutor provides expertise, experience, and encouragement.
They do not provide "answers," but rather assist in problem solving, in getting answers.  The challenge is to focus on assignments within the context they are assigned.  Saadhana Scholastics attempts to build a very strong foundation of the concepts and a deep understanding of Math in an effort to develop a keen interest and self-confidence in pursuit of the subject.

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